Pilates is a low-impact workout that is ideal for every level of fitness. It consists of six principles which are concentration, control, centering, precision, flowing movement, and breathing. When practiced properly, pilates will help you develop strength, create long lean muscles, and therefore great posture. Once you learn the fundamentals you will begin to connect to your centre, which is made up of the deep abdominal muscles as well as the muscles throughout the back. By using this connection, you then create a very rhythmic and tranquil practice that not only works the body but also the brain. At Espira, you will feel as though you have a personal instructor. Our goal is maintain a class number that allows us to pay attention to each individual ensuring that form is proper for each exercise. After a pilates class, you will leave feeling peaceful and connected to your mind, body and soul. It truly is a beautiful way to enhance the way you feel about life.


Nancy Caswell

My name is Nancy Caswell and I have been involved in pilates for over ten years. I studied and was certified through Body Harmonics in Toronto Ontario. This school is well known locally and now on a national basis and it is a working studio as well as a school for training. I am certified in many areas of pilates including matwork, magic circle, roller, ball, and also in specialty groups such as seniors, prenatal runners, and swimmers. I believe that exercise should be enjoyable and not this dreaded thing that we have to do. My goal is always to make my classes challenging and to have a variety of different classes so that you never feel stagnant. My clients have all had great results in the way that they feel and look. We have created many new friendship and there definitely is a kinship that is present. There is always support and encouragement and therefore success.